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  • myVEGAS Slots Free Casino

    myVEGAS Slots Free Casino

    With over 150,000 5-star ratings, myVEGAS is the ONLY free casino app that offers players a chance to earn real-world rewards from top travel, resort, and entertainment partners, including:* Bellagio* ARIA* MGM Grand* Cirque du Soleil* Wolfgang Puck! * Royal Caribbean International “Bursting with awesome games AND real rewards, we love this!” -AppodayFASTEST growing Casino App on Android!Top-rated Slots App on FacebookPlay Free Slots. Get Real Rewards. myVEGAS Slots!Visit www.myvegas.com, or find us on Twitter @myVEGAS and Facebook at facebook.com/myvegas for all the latest news and info. Have fun spinning and see you in Las Vegas!


  • Vibin Photo Notes

    Vibin Photo Notes

    Make your photos smarterCan\'t find that photo on your phone? Wish you could easily add some notes to that photo?Photo Notes is the fastest way to add notes to your photos so that you can find them later.Everyone is already snapping photos of things they want to remember — succulent meals beautiful wines must-have shoes etc. But it’s impossible to find these photos in a sea of photos. Photo Notes makes it easy to group photos add notes then organize everything into decks for easy retrieval and sharing.KEY FEATURES1) Create Photo Note cards to capture where you had that meal what to buy at the drug store etc.2) Organize your cards into decks to find them easily3) Search for your Photo Notes based on keywordsJoin our Google+ Community here: https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/111365755005163471788


  • 7Nujoom-Video&Talent Show&Chat

    7Nujoom-Video&Talent Show&Chat

    7Nujoom----The most popular, real-life, interactive live-broadcast showroom.#Plenty of hot, multi-talented anchors, they are stars of among the stars! #Over a million users active at the same time!#Fantastic live broadcasts you don’t want to miss!#Real-time talent showroomRound-the-clock, 24-hour of uninterrupted talent shows. Fast and clear streaming, no drop off-line and minimal data usage.#The most spectacular talent show.Be it sweet singing, talk show or magic, there’s something for everyone. Popular anchors awe the audience with their stunning performances.#Grow your level with your favorite anchorsGrow your level with the anchors. You can make them#Interact with others.You could chat with other users in real-time in live showroom. Meet interesting people and make new friends.


  • Mage And Minions

    Mage And Minions

    * This game can be played offline ** This game requires at least 512Mb memory to run *Hack and slash your way through hordes of skeletons and demons, gather weapons and armor, and learn powerful skills in this fast-paced Action RPG. Draw signs to use powers, and combine them to gain a tactical advantage in combat or control the battlefield. You and your companions fight to stop Ragadam’s apocalyptic plan that takes place in an immersive multi-planet universe. Features: ● Fight spectacular real-time battles against hordes of skeletons, robots, beasts, demons, aliens, dragons and many other minions ● Unlock and upgrade your armor, weapons and minion companions as you journey from magical villages to remote mountaintops, dark dungeons to alien worlds● Fuse your treasures, advance your character, progress through the story and cast spectacular spells conjured from simple gestures to defeat hordes of monsters and grow in power● Find weapons and loot, learn mind-bending spells, and recruit companions to help you in your battle to save the worlds from impending doom* Optimized for tablets. Get immersed into the action using your big screen device *Please see here for our Privacy Policy. We take privacy very seriously. http://www.makingfun.com/footer/privacy-policy/