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  • Vibin Photo Notes

    Vibin Photo Notes

    Make your photos smarterCan't find that photo on your phone? Wish you could easily add some notes to that photo?Photo Notes is the fastest way to add notes to your photos so that you can find them later.Everyone is already snapping photos of things they want to remember — succulent meals beautiful wines must-have shoes etc. But it’s impossible to find these photos in a sea of photos. Photo Notes makes it easy to group photos add notes then organize everything into decks for easy retrieval and sharing.KEY FEATURES1) Create Photo Note cards to capture where you had that meal what to buy at the drug store etc.2) Organize your cards into decks to find them easily3) Search for your Photo Notes based on keywordsJoin our Google+ Community here: https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/111365755005163471788


  • Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

    Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

    Truecaller helps identify unknown calls with Caller ID, blocks unwanted spam, scam calls all over the world reported by our users. To date, Truecaller has more than 100 million users worldwide that contribute to this community.* See who is calling if you don’t have their number in your phonebook* Block unwanted calls from spam callers and telemarketers* Search for any number in the world to see who it belongs to* You can now copy a number anywhere (e.g. website or apps) and Truecaller will notify you who it belongs to* Get in touch with people via name search (Premium feature)* Tweet and Follow a person on Twitter directly from Truecaller* Yelp! integration for faster business search results* + more features to make your phone smarterTruecaller NEVER uploads your phonebook to make it searchable or public. 3G or WIFI is required for Truecaller Caller ID to work. Operator charges may apply.* The block text feature is currently not supported for devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat).-----------------------If you have any feedback or questions, please visit our community pages or email ( support@truecaller.com): Truecaller FAQ - http://truecaller.com/faq Twitter - http://twitter.com/truecaller Facebook - http://facebook.com/truecaller Google+ - http://google.com/+truecallerTruecaller BETA Community - https://plus.google.com/communities/108252083831280268936


  • Daddy Was A Thief

    Daddy Was A Thief

    Bank staff is usually friendly and polite. This time something went wrong! Gain as much money as you can! Hurry! Everyone try to catch you, but you are clever, aren’t you? Find combo speed boosts, shortcuts and grab power-ups to survive. "Losing your moral fiber has never been so easy nor, thanks to Daddy Was A Thief's cartoony visuals, adorable" Androidpolice"This one's pretty simple and casual, and its lighthearted feel and graphics make it great for all ages" AppoliciousAwesome FEATURES: - Smashable obstacles: walls, furnitures and more! Gain as much destructions as you can! Crash through walls, floors and watch the pieces fly all over! - Playable thieves and crazy power-ups to unlock - Different every time you play! - Just one finger control! (swipe up and down) Quick pick-up-and-play- Many achievements to earn


  • Chuck E.'s Skate Universe

    Chuck E.'s Skate Universe

    Grab a skateboard and help Chuck E. Cheese shred some sidewalk in Chuck E.’s Skate Universe. Plus, win some real tickets you can redeem on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s! See how far you can skate as Chuck E. attempts to go for the ultimate distance record. The only limit is what you can get away with! Help Chuck E. hop, dodge, and duck obstacles along the way. Earn points by picking up Golden Pizza points and other objects. Plus, you can unlock some sweet gear along the way – insane items like “The Giant Pickle Board” or “The Tongue” – you’ll have to skate them to believe them. See how you rank on the Leaderboards where you can try to beat Chuck E. Cheese super star Steve Waters!Game Tip - • Change lanes - Swipe left or right• Duck - Swipe down• Jump - Swipe up• Super Jump - Swipe down then up