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100Feet: angry ..

100Feet: angry ..

LongTongue - September 11,2014

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This free game app may well contain, the most realistic walking centipede for the Android. Online-Highscores! Its brain lets its legs walk independently. Be faster than your opponent. Race to the highest score in your habitat. Sprint to your food-blocks. Kids love the game. Lost of future updates planned for "hundred feet". Join in!!
the minimalistic approach of the habitat, provides a good hunting-ground for the centipedes. Stylish on your Android. No irritating music to get angry about, so you can play it fast and everywhere.
If you find a better centipede, please tell us in the comments. Online high-scores will be included soon!
Some centipedes are known to be stronger than tarantulas. So train your skills in the temple of the centipedes.
If you eat a circle your speed increases, significantly. Be careful that the "Other" doesn't get first to the diamonds. It enables "Cannibalism", now he can eat a segment of you. Make a toss at your record.

Recent changes:
Online Highscores working again,
Thank you players!
You have to repopulate the highscore ranks again.
Let the Games begin!

Content rating: Everyone

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Additional information

  • UpdatedSeptember 11,2014
  • Size8.61MB
  • Downloads877
  • Current Version1.59
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher