2014 - Hindi Calendar
MobiDhan - Jan 1, 2015


This is a beautiful calender with good animation view. for year 2014
Hindi calendar
Is Simplest and multipurpose Hindi calendar which we use in daily life. We try to serve you better feature which are as follow -:
1. It's Looner calendar based on moon position,So now you can also able to see exact postion of Moon on calendar.
2. Support Large Screen and Landscape mode. So now you get wider screen to see big calendar.
3. All name of Days and Months are in Hindi. So it's Helpful for all age from Grand Parents to Grand Child.
4. Easy interface to see month.
5. On each Date you click, You can a wide array of list for doing various Daily useful Task like Panchang, Note, Milk Calculation, Washing Calculation,Dailly Expense diary, Gas Calculation, Festival Detail , Choghdiya, Dialy Horoscope, Daily updated News in Hindi and many more...
6. In panchang: you can see Nakshtra , Karan , yog ,Detail of already set task and calculation list, Full detail of Every Nakshtra, Karan, Yog and its usfulness.
7. In Daily Note :you set your Most important task in calendar so you can see easily at any time.
8. In Milk Calculation : you can make calculation of Each day consumption of Milk.
9. In Washer calculation : You can now easily keep record of Cloths which you sending for washing to Washer.
10. Daily Expense Recorder : You can make daily Expenses list in This.
11. Gas Cylinder Calcutaion : Now you can easily Keep Record for Gas Cylinder and keep your tenstion for forgetting the Day on which you installed new cyliender.
12. Festival List : See on one Finger Tips all list of Festival Year.
13. Choghdiya : Choghdiya is must for starting new task and purchasing or doing any important work in Hindu, so Just open application and see current Choghdiya and Its detail about the current time is good or not to start work.
14. HoroScope : You can see full year Horoscope of any one in Horoscope section in Hindi.
15. News : You can see Daily updated news in Hindi. News from anything , National , International , Business, Sports, Bollywood, Cricket, Top News , Different News , and Special Mirch Masala news.
So with all this feature now you can easily start your new year planer for 2013.
If you want to appreciate our work, Please Rate us to improve our Rating so we motivate for doing such work with more and more application.
Note :Don't forget to get updates for 2014 Calendar

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Jan 1, 2015
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