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218tv - May 21, 2018


We give you the full picture with our political, civil, and humanitarian coverage. We reach you through our wide network of correspondents in every Libyan town, because you are not only our audience, you are our source.

Aside of our 24/7 of full news coverage, 218TV presents to you a set of political and entertaining programs, and documentaries, addressing sports, arts and civil society. Drama is a vital core of our menu as well, both arabic and international series, revolving around the daily life of the Arab/Libyan citizen.

218TV believes thoroughly in the culture of acceptance and respect, and what difference it makes in in the current Libyan situation. Regardless of our religious, tribal, racial or political differences, it shouldn't stop us from moving forward and building a new Libya. We libyans, need to overcome this, and know for sure that the key solution to our current issue, is dialogue. Understanding the libyan youth, and presenting their views and ideas, is such a vital priority for our organization.

Young Libyans contributes to almost 90% of 218TV staff, we share ideas and try to discuss and resolve them.

It is our priority to highlight the issues facing the Libyan youth and address them in our televised discussions and interviews.

Again, who said 218 is just a country code?!

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May 21, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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