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OpenSignal.com - Feb 1, 2017
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Netflix slowing down? Spotify buffers for ages? Your operator promised warp speed, but you can't even load a simple web page (we all know which one...) Or maybe you want to change operator, but don't know who offers the best signal and where?

Try OpenSignal (and uninstall, if it doesn't live up to your expectations, though we recommend you keep it installed anyway - we'll explain why in a minute)

Some perks of having OpenSignal app:
✓ Compass - will lead you to the nearest GSM/LTE tower = better signal
✓ Speed test - our TRUE speedtest *('no-BS®')
✓ Coverage maps - find out which operator offers the best signal and where
✓ Stats - personal statistics (time on LTE/GSM, with no signal, data upload/download, etc.)
✓ GSM/LTE tower and Wifi spot maps
✓ ALL FOR FREE (and no ads)

Why us? Over the past few years, thanks to millions of users just like you, we've been building and improving the biggest crowdsourced signal dataset in the world. That's how we're giving you free coverage and tower maps, speed test (which will show you real-life results), and few other tools.

Besides - we're independent :)

Even just installing and running OpenSignal app helps mapping and improving knowledge of network signal in your area (and wherever you are, anonymously). You never know when OpenSignal app will help you find better signal exactly when you need it the most...or when you'll check that Wifi/LTE speed you care about.

As every app (yep, even Google's own), this one too contains some bugs (our developers looked funny at me when I read that back to them). If you find one (the bug - not the developer), the best way to get it fixed is telling us about it - simply send an email to bugs@opensignal.com and explain the issue and we'll be on it soon!

If you think we're doing good job and OpenSignal helps you in your daily (or weekly) battles with poor signal, please RATE our app on Google Play - it's costs you nothing, but helps spread the word (we won't accept less than 5 stars...unless, ekhm...we deserve it ;))

We invite you to try our..YOUR OpenSignal app!

** Team OpenSignal **

* completely made up slogan, it was supposed to be funny :/

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 1, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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