3G Connection Fix Free
lrm4android - Sep 28, 2014


Fix your 3G connection. Does your phone have problems switching from Wifi to 3G data connection? Check out this app.

This app contains Ads (top of the "Preferences" screen). If you would like use a version without Ads (and support my development of this app) purchase the "3G Connection Fix Donate" version (uninstall the "Free" before installing the "Donate" version).
If you like my apps, why not try out my new app: "Next Alarm Free", it displays the time and day of your next alarm in the status bar. Look in the "More by developer" section to install it.
Important: This app will only be effective if the manual (Flight mode) workaround described below successfully activates 3G data.
The simplest (manual) workaround for this issue is to turn on "Flight mode" and then turn it back off again when you notice no 3G data connection. This manual workaround is annoying, and if you forget to do it then you are without a data connection.
3G Connection Fix will attempt to activate 3G data by automatically toggling Flight mode on then off when the phone disconnects from Wifi, if the phone doesn't switch to 3G by itself.
This app will not work on Android 4.2 and above (for example Nexus 4) due to a change made in Android.
This app has been tested on:
Samsung Galaxy Ace (2.3.4 Gingerbread)
Samsung Galaxy Gio (2.2 Froyo)
Comments and feedback suggest this app may also work on:
Samsung Galaxy Y, S, S2, Mini, Fit, Replenish, Transfix, Indulge, Pocket
Motorola Droid X
HTC One X, Evo 4G, Desire GSM (CyanogenMod 7.1)
LG C800G, Optimus One, P990, LGL45C, Optimus 4X HD P880
Experia U, X8, X10
and more!
If you try this on a different phone and it doesn't work please email me. If it works for you please leave a comment (or send me an email) stating the model of your phone.
There is a button in the preferences screen to manually "fix now" which will reset your network connections immediately. This does not affect the existing automatic fixing behavior.
There is also an advanced setting to force reset of the connection when leaving Wifi even if the phone reports it has connected to 3G (this is used when the phone reports its connected to 3G, but the connection has failed). Changing this setting should not be required for most users.
1. There is a 1 minute delay between your phone disconnecting from Wifi and this app attempting to activate 3G data to allow the phone time to try to switch to 3G by itself.
2. If you are on a phone call this app won't disconnect you but also won't attempt to activate 3G data.
If you find any bugs please email me rather than leaving a comment on the Market.
A (paid) version of this app with no ads ("3G Connection Fix Donate") is available to buy (look in the "More from developer" section).
This app uses the data connection for ad serving and to enable use of the Flurry analytics agent.
This app was written to work around Android Issue #2207.

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Sep 28, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher