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3G Speed Up Bro..

3G Speed Up Bro..

Speed Up Net Ltd - October 23,2014

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3G Speed Up Browser is an extremely fast mobile browser based on third generation of networks! This browser is wholly aimed at fast and effective internet surfing. 3G Speed Up Brpwser is caching and downloading algorythms which were optimized for data download speeds in 3g networks. Techniques include effective optiization of the data packet size and image compression. Pictures are downloaded in chunks specifically tuned for 3g network speeds.
USE: 3G Speed Up Browser provides an information transfer rate of at least 200 kbit/s- that's why it perfectly suits for rapid search experience, communication in social networks, checking wheather forecast, posting photos and tweets, reading news and blogs, watching videos, exploring what's new around the world. It deals with both - entertainment and education.

NICE DETAILS: 3G Speed Up Browser has a very useful feature - Night Mood for Facebook, so it won't be annoying any more to check your Facebook profile at night. Browser also has an option to insert emoticons in comments and messages on Facebook. This option provide users an opportunity to share their mood and emotions with friends in such an easy and enjoyable way.
DISTRIBUTION: 3G Speed Up Browser is super fast mobile internet browser with great number of users across more than 130 countries and regions. This product is currently available on all major operating platforms.
OUR COMPANY: Speed UP Net (Subdivision of BESTTOOLBARS) is a keeping-up-with-a-time company. Our young and ambitious staff is setting goals and achieving it for five years. Speed UP Net’s deals with different types of internet software technologies and application services, but our main passion is BROWSERS! Since its inception Speed UP Net gets it on providing better mobile internet connection to our users around the world. Speed UP Net is totally devoted to its users and permanently does it's best to meet their requirements.

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  • UpdatedOctober 23,2014
  • Size301.56KB
  • Downloads15,848
  • Current Version2.1
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher