Acer Recovery Installer
Interphaze Solutions - Aug 18, 2014


*** Requires Root ***
*** Requires Micro SDCard for Download/Install ROM feature ***
*** Requires Micro SDCard for Backup/Restore feature ***


Open Apology: I have gotten severely behind answering emails while trying to get this newer version of the app completed. And due to the insurmountable amount of spam I'm getting on the support email address, I've setup a Support Ticket system to handle issues. If you have problems with the app, please open a ticket. This will make it much easier for me to track open issues.

This utility will allow you to install a stock or custom recovery image on your Acer Iconia A500. Great for making full backups of your tablet and installing custom ROMs.

It has ClockworkMod Recovery by thor2002ro rev1.3.4 built-in, as well as the stock USA 1.141.07 recovery image.

To install other stock or custom images, simply put them on your sdcard names recovery.img.

It can backup your current recovery image and allow to your later re-install it.

It automatically fixed the Checksums by calling itsmagic.

Premium Features (in app payments)

Backup/Restore (REQUIRES Micro SDCard or USB Drive) - This will let you initiate a Nandroid Backup or Restore procedure without having to manually boot into recovery. It will see all your previous Nandroid backups, whether they are on your Micro-SD or USB drive, and let you select which partitions to restore. The tablet will then automatically reboot to ClockworkMod recovery to do the backup or restore process, then reboot back to normal mode.

Download/Install ROMs (REQUIRES Micro SDCard) - This feature will allow you to download the various ROMs from the internet and initiate the install process. You have the option of having it autotically run a nandroid backup and/or wipe date before installing the selected ROM. Again, the tablet will reboot into ClockworkMod recovery to do the work.

Note about XooM based ROMs. XooM ROMs do not let an apps write directly to the Micro-SD card due to a premission restriction. So when the Download/Install ROMs module tries to download the ROM List or a ROM File on a XooM based ROM, it must download it to your /mnt/sdcard/download folder and then move it to the proper place on the Micro-SD card, which is in a folder called "ROMs". All other ROMs download directly to the ROMs folder of your Micro-SD.

Note about Virtuous ROMs. The author has not given me permission to mirror his ROMs on a server that can handle direct hot-linking. Therefore, the Virtuous ROMs could not be included in this release. Once the author gives me permission, or provides a way to direct hot-link to his ROMs, then I will include them.

Recent changes:
* Fixed issue where A510 was falsely reporting a USB drive connected when trying to restore a backup.

* Fixed issue where ROM list would not populate on Thor's ICS ROM.
* Fixed issue where it would report unlicensed if not connected to the
internet when first launching.


Content rating: Everyone

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 3.0 or higher

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