Advanced Emotion Scanner
SuperSimpleApps - Sep 3, 2014


Super Mood and Emotion Scanner and Detector - a free fingerprint scanner that can tell your mood and emotion in an instant.
Put your finger on the scanners scanning area and give it a minute to analyse your fingerprint. Based on advanced algorithms the app can determine your mood based on the fingerprint scan and all the data it can gather. The number of data gathered may vary per phone depending on your phones capabilities.
Feeling happy? Feeling sad? Maybe angry? - you can quickly find out with this advanced emotion detector.
Note: This is a prank application to have fun or to fool your friends. Great for parties and get togethers. It does not actually scan your finger - android phones do not have this ability so don't get angry if the fingerprint is different then yours.
Note2: This app does not contain any push advertising. Just normal baner add that can be closed (it will reopen after 3 scans)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 3, 2014
Android 2.0 or higher

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