Air Hockey 2 Players Online
Moon Moon House Game Development - May 27, 2017


Have fun with friends on Glow Air Hockey 2 Multiplayer anywhere anytime! This is a free deluxe table hockey for all ages combining exceptional graphics with advanced multiplayer features:

★ Unique multi hockey pucks system greatly encouraged new air hockey tactics.

★ Realistic self adjusting AI in single player mode rendered the best difficulty for you.

★ 3 Multiplayer modes of your choice: Open ranked (server), Facebook private (server) and LAN WiFi.

★ Open ranked: Challenge players from all over the world to attain rating and titles. There is only one Grandmaster.

★ Facebook private: Create a private game on server with a Facebook friend.

★ LAN: Play with your family using WiFi (UDP enabled), LAN or Hot spot. It's fun for all ages.

★ Furnished with eye catching glow graphics and stereo sound effect. Glow particles on impact and vibrate on goal. Realistic physics.

★ Localized in 10 languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Russian.

★ Free, Instant start, negligible battery consumption and tiny app size.

Latest news of Glow Air Hockey 2 Multiplayer on Facebook:

How is this game distinguish from many other free glow hocky games?
We support online game matching for 2 players on 2 devices via internet or home Wi-Fi with Facebook friend list, smart self-adjusting AI difficulty. Players can strike opponent's goal with multiple hickey pucks simultaneously. This is absolutely a fun games to play with friends!

What is the network requirement of this free online multiplayer glow hickey games?
Preferably 4G or broadband WiFi. You may drop from a multiplayer game for latency higher than 120ms.

How do I play with friends?
Very easy! Touch "Facebook private game" and select a friend from the friend list to host. He/She only need to touch "Join". So have fun to join the tournament!

My dearest friends not on friend list?!
He has to install and sign in this hokey game with Facebook too.

How does the rank system works?
Your world rank is determined by rating which is derived from Elo Rating system. In other words you earn more rating from a player with higher rating.

I'm an app perfectionist and will uninstall it regardless of these seductive features.
2 seconds startup, target battery consumption and only 28Mb storage to think about uninstall this free touch table hickey... a perfect deluxe air hockey table on cell phones. A real air hockey table just cannot go out with you. Way better than playing table soccer. Can't agree more?

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 27, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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