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al Quran islam's sacred book, defined literally as " Recitation " it's also the central religious text of Islam, which is revelation from Allah,for muslims al quran is regarded as the finest work in classic arabic literature. al Quran was verbally revealed by Allah to Muhammad through the angel Jibril gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, and it's divided into chapters ( Surah ) then these chapters are divided into verses ( Ayaah ), Muslims regard the Quran as the most important miracle of Muhammad, a proof of his prophethood,and the culmination of a series of divine messages that started with the messages revealed to Adam and ended with Muhammad.The word "Quran" occurs some 70 times in the text of the Quran, although different names and words are also said to be references to the Quran such as " The book ".

Muslims believe al Quran to be the book of divine guidance revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel over a period of 23 years and view al Quran as God's final revelation to humanity.

Revelation in Islamic and Quranic contexts means the act of God addressing an individual, conveying a message for a greater number of recipients. The process by which the divine message comes to the heart of a messenger of God is tanzil (to send down) or nuzūl (to come down). As the al Quran says, "With the truth we (God) have sent it down and with the truth it has come down."

Translating the Quran has always been problematic and difficult. Many argue that the Quranic text cannot be reproduced in another language or form.Furthermore, an Arabic word may have a range of meanings depending on the context, making an accurate translation even more difficult.

As for how the free quran app works :
1- quran download
2- open the free quran app
3 - choose a chapter ( Sura'ah)
4- either read it or play it as an audio
5- enjoy the greatness of free quran app with you all day long.
Features in this quran for android :
1- you can zoom in the arabic text for better readability
3- you can make the app remember which is the last chapter ( Suraa'ah ) you stopped at
4- you can switch to night reading at night to help you see the text better.
5- you can fast forward pages with this feature.
6- you can control everything from the settings
This quran for android app is by far the best quran app for android as it brings up the best features and simplest use for everyday use, and for a closer path to Allah.

How do I play audio?
Open any Quran page.
Tap on the screen once. At the bottom, you will notice a play button and some text with the name of a qari. Click the name of the qari to choose a different qari. Click play to download and play the current page.

How do I view translation?

Open any Quran page. Tap on the screen once. In the top, you will notice a globe icon (or, if you don\'t see it, click an icon with three square dots) - click and choose translation to view the translation. If you do not have any translations downloaded, it will take you to a screen where you can download translations. Choose and download a translation, then return back and tap the globe icon again to view the translation.
How do I bookmark a page?

Open any Quran page. Tap on the screen once. In the top right, you will see bookmark icon.Tap the bookmark icon to bookmark the page (the color will turn solid white). Tap the bookmark icon again to remove the bookmark.
How do I make the text larger?
For the Arabic pages, hold your phone in landscape. This makes the text larger. For translations, go to settings and set translation text size.

How do I share an ayah?

While on any Arabic page, press and hold on any ayah to get a menu where you can to bookmark, tag, share or copy that ayah to the clipboard, see the translation, or listen to its recitation. Malayalm/Tamil/Bangla/Urdu fonts don\'t work!

Unfortunately, Android versions prior to 4.0 do not support these fonts, and there is
little we can do to help with this.

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