Alikoto 3D
Mobobi LLC - Mar 8, 2017


Another crazy Mobobi innovation! An award winning game. “Da most wicked game ever” - Alikoto 3D, the lost but found game. Spin that alikoto, fling it, swipe, balance, fake, dodge, hit and unleash the alikoto ninja in you!

Play the number one Ghanaian game and show the world how skilled you are. Relive the good old days. Alikoto is a massive turn-based multiplayer 3D strategy game. Before Smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles, there were great traditional games like Chaskele, Pampanaa, Pilolo and the best and highly addictive game of all - Alikoto.

Alikoto 3D digitizes and revive Ghana’s old, innovate and traditional original game Alikoto while providing an immersive and fun experience. You’re really missing if you don’t have this top and best award winning African game. You’ll be quickly reminded of the indigenous African games we’ve quickly lost touch with. Dem times we played Alikoto. We were african heroes, african legends and ninjas crafting, spinning, swiping and destroying the hands of our friends and family.

For the first timers, Alikoto is a game that requires skillfully spinning a uniquely crafted tool till it topples over. Winners knock users till their health drains. You spin the alikoto to make it whirl and when it’s about to topple, you skillfully swipe its base such that it turns upside down. Players need a lot of dexterity to achieve this action. All this looks nice till it gets to the point where your opponent needs to hit the back of your hand with the Alikoto.

This super fun and amazing game comes with realistic game play and physics, multiple game modes and intuitive swipe controls. You can also play with an android wear smartwatch and a gear VR headset or cardboard for a completely real and immersive game experience.

Some features of Alikoto:

- MULTIPLAYER AND SINGLE PLAYER MODE : Challenge your friends, families, nearby players in both local ( offline) and online real-time multiplayer modes or play against the top Alikoto Ninjas (AI bots) including Kweku Ananse the infamous confident trickster, Kofi the akan master, the famous police fighter Kweku Ninja, south africa’s Shaka Zulu, Professor Allotey the mathematician, Chorkor seniors, Ama Ghana the kubolor girl and many more. Play in funny twi, akan languages and other translated international language commentaries

- CAREER : From the sakora parks, labadi beaches, and chorkor ghettos in Accra to the paga crocodile ponds in the north, rise through competitive ranks in an ultimate packed career mode featuring great tournaments, special leagues and entertaining events.

- LEADERBOARD AND ACHIEVEMENTS : Break world records in the leader board, accomplish achievements, progress to an Alikoto Ninja and many more.

- CUSTOMIZE : Unlock and customize hands and alikoto (pen top and batteries or snail shells) with unique attributes and artifacts and upgrade skills including speed, stamina, strength and many more. Enable commentaries with hilarious african proverbs, ghanaian proverbs, twi proverbs and wise saying from the twi bible. Take jabs at Oware, ludo, draft and other fun africa video games.

- MINI GAME FUN - Play over 15 Unique Alikoto challenges including a bonus story mode level

-GEAR VR, ANDROID WEAR SUPPORT - Play with an android wear smartwatch for an immersive game experience. Just start the game on your wrist & swing your arm to play as you'll do in real life

-REALISM - Realistic physics, sophisticated AI and stunning playgrounds. Play in beautiful parks, deserts, islands, beaches, forests, streets, markets and more

This is not a game of chance. Each swipe and fling is measured and applied to the alikoto’s z angle for a topple. The velocity of a spin is also computed by measuring the intensity of a shake or pan. The lower your health, the weaker your spin and fling!

Enjoy hours of fun and immerse yourself in a fantastic gaming experience with the number one top and best african game. Don’t forget to leave us a review :)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 8, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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