American Block Sniper Survival
Battle Blockyverse Studio - Oct 19, 2017
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Become a celebrated sniper hero in American Block Sniper Survival. This brutal running and shooting action game stars you as a sniper of a deadly operation. Trek through a devastated war torn city in pursuit of the enemy. Only once your objective has been met can you all the mission a success.

They would descend upon villages, bringing fire and death with them. Grave after grave... I couldn't bear to be a part of that anymore. The issue was so big, so consuming, and the world had forgotten about the horrors confronted on the battlefield: a child's burnt sock on the side of the road, blood spattered alleyways, the haunting stench of death and the ring of a report playing on repeat in your head as you try to sleep at night... and the look on the target's face as the blood drained from his body. But it this was war, and the law of a good soldier was a lack of feeling. Numbing my emotions and attachments to the people and places I visited was a challenge, but I soon realized the benefit... because now I was unstoppable.

Launch a fun, fast-paced 3D mobile gaming experience upon downloading this addictive FPS game. Strike fast and kill enemies in this combat challenge. Collect ammo and HP pickups as you advance. These pickups will decrease though, while the number of enemies increases significantly. This ultimate battle offers the option to go at it hand-to-hand or with a range of melee and firearm weapons. The choice is yours. Choose your difficulty, earn power-ups by completing quick tasks and unlock levels on the mission map select.

-Pixel cube graphics
-Six levels to conquer
-Precision aiming
-Radar map
-Health meter
-Perks & power-ups
-Blocky weapon collect

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 19, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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