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Nemo Games 3D Simulator - Nov 9, 2017
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Are you ready to have some car racing and drifting fun? Do you have great taste in American muscle cars? Do you like acceleration in the suburban areas? Than this American muscle car is the best dodging game for you!

An American muscle car drifting simulator game where you can dodge, drift and drive you vintage muscle car and classic muscle car of your own choice. This destruction game and drifting car game.

Start and play the dodging game and drift in the American muscle car of your choice from the top muscle cars of the millennium. Drift drive your own mustang and dodge the other cars in the insane driving games.

Drift drive an American muscle car as much as you can and earn coins and make highest score in the game! The more you drift the more scores youll get. Become the insane driver of the classic muscle car and unlock all the levels by making high scores and reaching the target!

Its your time to show some muscular drifting skills to your friends in the mustang and dodge the other participants of the drifting game. Drive the drifting car and win the muscle car challenger in the drift racing car games.

A chance to drive in your dream car on the multiple tracks on desert, snowy roads and hilly mountains!! Start driving the drifting car on the thrilling tracks and offroad and earn lots of coins. Collect bonus stars and coins on your way while drift racing!

American Muscle car Drift Racing Simulator Features:

• Drift on the tracks of 3 exciting and adventurous areas like Snow, hills and desert
• Play multiple thrilling 15 levels of car drifting and acceleration game.
• Enjoy the time based drift driving.
• Experience the exhilarating drifting of multiple American muscle cars with exciting
specifications to drift the best among your friends.
• 4 beautifully built Mustangs.
• A chance to drive your dads car and drift in it as much as you want!
• Build your own customized muscle car with the specs of your own choice!

How to Play American Muscle car Drift Racing Simulator

• Start the Muscle Car challenge by selecting your favorite car:
- Nissan GTR
- Didsmobile
- Dodge
- Ford Mustang
- Pontiac GTH
- Bugatti
- Chevy
- Agera
- Lamborghini
• Select your choice of car drifting level.
• Select the favorite track for the muscle car driving.
• See the target of every level of the drift racing game.
• Play an American muscle car game and start drifting and racing in the dodging game.
• Drift as much as you want to make scores so you can get coins.
• Unlock new levels drifting techniques with the coins you collect in the racing game.
• Win the Muscle car challenge by using the joystick control, speed up and use lots of
braking to drift!
• The game has the tilt control and acceleration to move your car left and right
• Set up the sensitivity of the controls and tilt feature according to your choice in the
drifting games.
• Use the hand break, paddles of acceleration and brake for drifting and gears for
reverse and forward driving.
• Unlock all the levels and American muscle cars and become the muscle car
challenger on the drifting racing world!

Drive your favorite chevy or mustang and become the drifting King. Do the destruction during the drifting stunts and win the insane drift racing game and dodging game!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 9, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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