American Tyrant Tank Fury 2
Mobile Apps Globe - Mar 20, 2017
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You are a young and fearless US military commander of a tank battle station. Having been successful leader of all wwii missions under your belt, now is the time to take on a more attacking challenges. You receive briefing from the battle station that the aerial radars have tracked a large opposition ambush near the fortress.

A thorough investigation into the matter has revealed that the enemy, equipped with armored combat vehicle, pillboxes, tanks, Apache helicopters and soldiers operating RPG have stationed themselves near the US military base and building up a massive ambush on the American army.

Your next task includes the strike down of this tyrant war plan by the opponent. You will have to lead the US military tanks station defense and lay tyrant war on the enemies, taking battlefield advancing forward, keeping in mind your tank integrity to avoid your own destruction.

Your will have to complete various set of wwii mission in this battlefield, your weapon being a deadly machine guns. Strike through the foe ambush, avoiding deadly and harmful obstacles like trenches and mines spread throughout the enemies battle station. You will need to push the enemy backward and take the war to the armored trucks stationed in the far villages near the border along with blitz aircraft and Apache helicopter.

Again, be prepared for a blitz wwii warship game by enemy armed forces. Being a little witty can prove advantageous at this moment, where you might need to capture and take control of one enemy tanks to continue the war.

American Tyrant Tanks is full of warship and one of the best epic and explosive 3D tank battle game. Doesn't matter how old are you, you can imagine yourself as US military man, destroy enemies ports and enjoy one of the best gunship battle game with real environment.

> Realistic battlefield environments and best warship game with stunning visuals.
> Fight against variety of opponents like RPG soldiers, fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and armored combat vehicles.
> Stunning 3D graphics and intuitive touch screen controls.
> Attacking surprises and challenges posed during gameplay.
> Powerful tanks representing US military.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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