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Android 4.1 Jel..

Android 4.1 Jel..

Tim Hutt - October 23,2014

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UPDATES: This is now superfluous. I suggest you download "Google Calendar" instead which is basically the same thing but up-to-date. I won't update this any more.
News everyone! Google have now released their own copy of this app on the market ("Google Calendar"). Since they are essentially identical, I might remove this one in future.
"Awesome", I thought, "Samsung have finally upgraded my phone to Android 4! Let me check out the new calen... waiiit a minute! This is just the old calendar! Damn you Samsuuunnnggg!!!" *Shakes fist!*
This is the stock calendar from Android 4.0 Jellybean! Sadly I had to disable a few new features from Jellybean that don't work on ICS.
There are no ads or donate banners. If you want to send me donations (via paypal to tdhutt@gmail.com, or via the app "Donate to Tim Hutt") that would be great! Fixing this so it compiles is not completely trivial.
Known bugs:
* Some people don't see any events in the week/day views. This doesn't seem to be easy to fix, sorry.
* Sometimes events don't sync properly. I'm not sure why this happens either, sorry.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedOctober 23,2014
  • Size1.59MB
  • Downloads30,537
  • Current Version4.1.1-4
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 4.0.3 or higher