Angry Granny Crazy Neighbor Smash
The Bolt Games - Sep 12, 2018


Are you excited to play the best angry bad granny simulator game with the best story line of the neighbor house? Download and play this bad angry granny game with some thrill as well fun. Enjoy this classic game. Are you getting bored? If yes then this is the most suitable game for you. Vanish all your stress through this crazy granny game and calm yourself now. Do you have any neighbor who seems mysterious to you?

Are you fed up of your neighbor bad granny simulator? She seems suspicious and you want to say hello to her but every time you go to that evil crazy granny neighbor house, she doesn’t respond back to you. You need to enter into the angry crazy granny house to smash. She is annoying you and you need to reveal the secret that is hidden in the angry neighbor house. So what do you need to do now?

Just grab the baseball bat in your hand and go to the mad granny house simulator. Enter into the mad house now but there is no one. Hit everything you find in this angry neighbor house. You are in the mission of the house smash. Smash everything before the crazy granny comes into the house. You are allowed to do anything. The best calming house smash game is now available for the users. Spread the destruction in the angry granny neighborhood. Complete your target within the time limit and destroy everything you want to.

The angry mad granny can come into her house anytime. So you need to keep track of the time. Perform multiple mission including stealing keys and hit the home stuff. Enjoy this house destruction game by hitting everything with a baseball bat. Smash around the entire angry bad granny neighbor house as you have the crazy neighborhood. Play this angry crazy granny game now to relief your stress and hit everything in the neighbor house.

-Realistic HD animations with 3D environment
-Epic background sounds of house smash
-Baseball bat for making the destruction
-Time based crazy angry granny game
-10 exciting levels for the neighbor house destroy
-Target based house simulator

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 12, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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