Ant Superhero War: Super transform Micro Battle
Alpha Games Studios: 3D Action Simulation - Sep 13, 2017


Enjoy blockbuster ant superhero man non-stop action simulator. The incredible levels are quite provoking that assign multiple dangerous jobs to flying super hero and he must win that jobs for mad city survival. He ought to combat fight a couple of incredible battles against mafia gangsters and evil powers in deadly mad city. Likewise, ant superhero man in superhero games scrambles with traffic signals to stop the car of thieves. In another level he manipulates with a bike that a man snatched and tries to run away. The super transform exciting micro battle of hero is just incredible. You will play more exciting rescue missions with dark forces of black market. The astonishing tricks of stranger hero and incredible battles of survival simulator game that has super transform of hero in it.

The New York City is in under immense violence nowadays. As lately super villains, in Ant Superhero War: Super transform Micro Battle, of mad city have stolen the ant superhero suit from flying hero. Now they are evilly taking over whole city and spreading violence and the police failed to cope up the super monsters. People are waiting for ant hero fight and micro battle with this deadly mafia. A stranger hero is there but to carry on his super hero rescue missions he has to grab that suit back from super monsters. Only ant hero battle suit can give him strange powers to bring the peace back to the mad city. Lend your hand and stop deadly mafia from evil use of strange powers of course of ant hero man’s suit. Ant hero fights incredible battles against super transform of villains to save the crime city from falling the prey of these strange monsters in superhero games of crime city.

In the last exciting rescue missions, flying hero uses his flying powers and lands the ants force to brawl with mafia gangsters of crime city that spotted on the rooftop of famous building. The action simulator of ant hero has quite fun instilling rescue missions that are totally different from other superhero games alongside most recommended super hero games. All micro battle environments, super villains and strange powers of adventurous hero games is fully compact with non-stop action. Ant hero battle & flying hero’s flying powers that strange hero and blockbuster ant super hero have, will surely make you feel like super ant hero fight.

Ant Superhero War: Super transform Micro Battle features;
Exceptional 3D graphics and environment
Iconic fictional character and super ant astonishing tricks
Realistic physics of real rescue game
Non-stop action sequence of strange hero
Provoking battle environments
Adventurous 5 levels with immersive missions

Download Ant Superhero War: Super transform Micro Battle full of non-stop action hero battle now! Enjoy realistic physics and micro battle environment in rescue missions & ant hero battle. The environments & incredible super villains in strange hero games are iconic. Be super ant human and exterminate mad city’s black market gangster mafia with hero’s super transform credibility.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 13, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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