Antiwar Swat AK47 Tps Shooting
Row Up Apps - Aug 14, 2017


Swat Soldier AK47 War Games is a swat commando TPS shooting games, in which swat soldier is on a rescue mission to save his former teammate from an opponent imprisonment. You will have all weapons of war to kill the recalcitrant enemy, after killing enemy in a level you will face more fighters in the next shooting mission.

In normal shooting games shooter and sniper kill enemy and mission is complete, but in this fighting game bellicose swat shooter will use his pistol, AK47, 9MM to fight this gun fight to win this gun war shooter has multiple guns all the war weapons to eliminate his recalcitrant enemies. Swat Soldier AK47 War Game have many deadly shooting missions which you have to clear to save your teammate, you will face multiple gunners of the recalcitrant enemy they will gunfire you simultaneously from their hideouts.

This war game will become more excited and difficult mission by mission as the numbers of bloviate opponent shooters will increase. You can use your machine gun and AK47 to a large number of your bloviate rivals this TPS fighting game will keep you engage all the time.

Your bellicose gunfire and targeting skills will be tested at a high level by involving you in really threatening shooting missions. Where you will face heavy gunfire over you from all directions. Using your bellicose swat soldier training pass 5 heavily gunfire missions to reach to last base of the recalcitrant opponent army here your shooting skills will be tested, that how you eliminate gunners of a mortal bloviate enemy.

TPS game player will love this shooting game, as it’s an ideal war game for them to have face to face gunfight in heavy gunfire missions. You have to complete rescue mission for swat soldier who is captured by the opponent army by killing bloviate enemy with you bellicose swat commando skills and training by using all war weapons which you have.


- Highly engaging third person target tap to shoot.
- Various enemy shooters and weapons in game.
- Become a Gun Master of all different weapons like AK47, Pistol and 9MM etc.
- 5 shooting levels of Swat Soldier.
- Various weapons to unlock by clearing levels.
- Detailed enemy shooter.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 14, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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