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com.androidrokes - Mar 26, 2016
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Galaxy Applock Theme is the android free non ad design for Applock application on play store. The purpose of the app is to feel your app lock design is same like Galaxy lock screen.There are bunch of Galaxy background places on the lock screen.
so The theme contains numeric lock and pattern lock that symbolize with car galaxy icon or galaxy background.After installing the galaxy applock theme on your phone you need to install z+ security app and than you can use this theme for protecting your mobile data.Themes works with all android version and may capable to all android media types like images,video,audio,text etc.
Galaxy Applock theme provides free security application for you mobile phone. The purpose of the app is to feel your app lock design is same like Galaxy lock screen. Galaxy lock pattern theme is a good theme for your mobile phone. Galaxy theme is a privacy guard and app lock to protect apps with Galaxy pattern applock or football passcode applock and hide photo. This Applock looks wise,security wise really good application for your mobile phone and tablet. Ideal app locker to protect apps and secure privacy safe using Galaxy pattern lock or password lock system, Make your app lock screen solid safe with password access, Only you will be able to enter a sensitive photo,video and apps.

New Design
• New Design for user interface,simple and attractive Applock design.
• Give your screen a makeover with unique football app lock theme.

Use Galaxy applock theme to lock apps,email,game,photos, hide video,lock contacts, lock all type of messenger message,lock import files, anything you want to lock.
How to use this football applock theme?
A: After install football theme, press “apply” button. If you have applock installed, it will applied immediately to app lock screen. If no,it will take to the store to download applock and then use it after.
After install and applied, you will see the beautiful Galaxy applock theme when you unlock theme. You can Change Pattern lock to password lock in the applock settings menu.
We Welcome any Suggestion or feedback about Galaxy applock theme .

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 26, 2016
Android 2.3 or higher

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