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Wolfpack Dev - November 11,2014

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One of the strongest app locker in Google Play Store.
[UPDATE: Major bugs fixed in v2.0.3, please update]
Why go for simple app lockers when you have a strong uncrackable locker?
Why lock whole phone when you can lock individual apps?
Lock anything and everything in Android using Application-Locker. As your phone is the most personal computer, Secure your privacy today with Application-Locker. With Application-Locker lock your SMS, Emails, Contacts, Facebook, Gallery, Whatsapp, Google Play Store, Settings, Data connection, WiFi etc.
All this with very less battery and memory consumption!
Application-Locker helps you to feel secure when:
✔ You share your phone with anyone.
✔ Your kids play with your phone.
✔ You have sensitive app data.
✔ You have personal images in Gallery.
✔ You have sensitive contact details.
✔ You have SMS, MMS etc. that you don't want to be shared. And so on..

Free version can lock up to 5 apps. Try Pro version to protect all your apps.
★ Features:
☆ Lock any Android apps installed (Both 3rd Party and System apps).
☆ Lock System Settings.
☆ Lock modes: PIN / PATTERN / FAKE CRASH.
☆ FAKE CRASH Unlocker: Very intelligent way to protect any app, a fake crash dialog will be shown when locked app is launched. Only Master can unlock and open the locked app.
☆ Unkillable locker service. No task killer can kill Application-Locker service.
☆ Protect apps from getting uninstalled and installed.
☆ Prevent unauthorized connection to internet (Data connection and WiFi).
☆ Lock/Unlock quickly from Notification bar.
☆ Check logs to find intruders.
☆ Recover password through email backup.
☆ Re-lock interval, No need to authenticate for an interval of time after a successful login.
☆ Less Battery and Memory usage.
☆ Uncrackable framework. Only the master can uninstall Application-Locker.
☆ Built in offline password recovery.
☆ Dark and Light Theme.
☆ Uninstall Application-Locker directly from Application-Locker settings. No intruders can uninstall Application-Locker from System Settings!
Ensure your privacy today!
1. Why certain reviews complain about difficulty in uninstalling Application-Locker?
A. Application-Locker is a security application, So intruders should not be allowed to uninstall Application-Locker to gain access to the locked apps. To protect locked apps from such threats, Application-Locker has an "Advanced Security" feature which will disable the uninstall option for Application-Locker in System Settings. By default this "Advanced Security" feature will be disabled. The master can always uninstall Application-Locker from inside Application-Locker itself in two clicks, No worries.
2. Why Application-Locker consumes 30+ MB at the start of application?
A. This is common for most of the Android apps as in the beginning of a service more resources are required, but this memory footprint will be reduced to less than 10 MB in 15 minutes.
3. Is Application-Locker a battery killing app?
A. Absolutely not, Application-Locker will be one of the least battery consuming app in your device. This is because Application-Locker is designed from the scratch with an aim to reduce memory and battery consumption. Please try it yourself and be amazed at the performance.

Want to translate Application-Locker to your language? contact us!

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Additional information

  • UpdatedNovember 11,2014
  • Size1.92MB
  • Downloads2,188
  • Current Version2.0.4
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher