Arab Empire
iLead Mobile Games - Dec 4, 2017


Arab Empire: Wrath of Khalifah is an epic historical Arab MMOSLG mobile game, which has been developed for 3 years and highly valued. As the first and best historical real-time strategy war game made for Arabs to trace back to the glory of Arab Empire. Ancient Arab Empire was suffered from foreigners’ invasion. The empire has been falling apart after Khalifah died. You, my lord, are called by the people to lead the empire to bring back the peace and prosperity. As the inheritor, you must return to the city to command the troops and develop homeland to defeat the enemies and unify the empire.

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Game Features:
1. Recruit Heroes, Form in Strategy
4 characters for each hero: Loyalty, Calm, Reckless and Discretion. Hero with different characters has different skills, like combat, develop and defend etc. You can get the Hero Token to recruit hero via opening the chest, recruiting from Hero Tower or engaging the event.
2. Siege Castles, Battle in Real-time
You can scout other lord’s castle anytime to analyze their attack and defense value. Attack them to plunder resources or negotiate to become allies.
3. Gather Resources, Upgrade Buildings
You can build Farm, Sawmill, Iron Mine, Quarry and Trade Guild to get Food, Wood, Iron, Stone and Silver. Upgrade buildings to enhance the power.
4. Troop Restriction, Training In Tactics
4 kinds of troop in Arab Empire: Infantry, Cavalry, Bowmen and Siege Engine. They are restrained to each other! Infantry is weakness against cavalry, Cavalry is good to be used to destroy the Siege Engine.
5. Capture Hero, Judge Slave
Attack other lords and try to capture their heroes as your slave. Judge the slaves in the Court to win military, resources and internal bonus.
6. World battlefield, Legion PK
You can rally allies to launch attack to enemies when the Hall of War reach Lv.6 . Tense lord strife, exciting Legion War, deploy your war strategy, to be the most powerful king.
In Arab Empire: Wrath of Khalifah, you can simulate to build city, train army, and construct fortifications to establish the most powerful empire. Who will be the king to unify the Arab Empire in this lord dispute?

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 4, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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