Army Commando Counter War Duty
Thumbs Up Games - Nov 16, 2017


Army Commando Counter War Duty

Army commando counter war duty is call of strike back in combat for survival

Army commando it's call for the duty and your legacy is nothing but combat commando army fight for our military force and you are a real fearless fighter in military battle. Our military force have failed in commando missions and proved our army training very bad but as a brave fearless fighter and our best army commando missions warrior you have to fight for our army survival. 2017 shooter be ready , aim and shoot until all of enemies military forces commando games are finishes and our military forces got victory in this 2017 shooter military battle. enemies military force having pinaka launch vehicles , AAD missile , tanks , real heavy humvee , f22 raptor jet fighter bombing around the battlefield areas , f16 f18 jet fighter , apache helicopter , machine guns , rocket launcher , dragunov SVD59, OSV-96 sniper rifles . Still they get penetrate into our border and enable to defeat our frontline commando due to a spy , a treacherous soldier get hired by enemies military force.

Brave Frontline military commando in this army games 2017 , show your skills in the fields of battle where you are call for performing duty for which you were trained. show your commando combat shoot expertise and be heroic legend of real target shooting like legend of korra and hero legend of warships. flcommando , your shooting targets are clear and be best counter terrorist killer.

As a duty commando combat you have to be commando silent killer and counter killer 3d. these are modern ages war where gorilla commando skills are needed to unleash the enemies military force. in these black ops missions and bomb reign , you have to kill all enemies terrorist counter attacker in the city as the military hero and walk alone in the dark jungle , pinpoint the enemies to shoot from you sniper and fight for your survival and army survival.

In these modern times it is difficult to control war shooter and combat control along the commando combat shoot is more difficult to control so it is best option to sniper 3d target the assassin shooter as a war criminal. and kill all 3d shooting war soldier in this shooting app. kill all dirt walking dead . be best wars brave. show yourself immortal army sniper combat soldier . counter terrorist force it's time to open spy sniper war against enemies army commando.

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Nov 16, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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