Art of War : Last Day
Betterfun Limited - Feb 28, 2018


Art of War: Last Day is a mobile strategy game with a future theme. Build a Base, Arm your Troops, Plunder Resources, Defeat Zombies. All for your survival.

When humans fought fiercely in Doomsday war with the self-aware AI System, ADAMS, its evil plan was being carried on quietly. Discovering humanity’s real fear: their dead relatives and friends due to the war between human and AIs have come back in an unexpected way…Having experienced a certain kind of unknown cruel tests, humans have realized those cold-blooded AIs have disappeared and been replaced with those without a single thought, who only know attacking…the Zombies! The civilization on this planet is at risk!

In this epic strategy game, use your forces and strategy to defeat Zombies and out of control AI Robots.

Build your Base, defeat the out of control AI Robots and mutated Zombies. Ally with players from all over the world, compete for the title of City landlord. Lead all players toresist the invasion, bring peace to your City, protect the planet’s civilization.

In the world of Art of War: Last Day, you have to fight for your survival at every moment.


Train 8 Units of 4 types and forge powerful arms and equipment to protect yourself;
Recruit strong Heroes, match the Heroes’ Skills cleverly to form the most powerful Army;
Upgrade your Commander, use the features of their Talents to Build the most powerful Base;
Research Technology in every field in the Tech Center to increase your power;
Join other players’ Alliances or create your ow Alliance to face the challenge from players all over the world;

When Resources are scarce, whether you should scheme carefully and wait patiently, or launch combat to plunder other players, you should always be determined to make decisions during the development process.

The combat has already begun! Join Now! Defeat enemies and restore our beautiful home!

Please pay attention! Art of War: AI Uprising is a free-to-download game, with some in-app payment options. If you do not want to use this function, please disable the in-app purchase in the settings of your device.

Are you having problems? Send an email to to contact us, or contact the support staff by tapping on the Customer Service building inside of your base.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 28, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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