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SMSROBOT LTD (Auto Call Recorder, Period Tracker) - Feb 12, 2018
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Automatic Call Recording has never been easier with callbox. From now on you don’t have to worry about writing down or memorizing important notes during the call. We have added so many free features in the app making the callbox the most complete Automatic Call Recorder App for 2018.
Automatic Call Recorder Hide Apps Pro 2018 (callBOX) - the best Call Recorder app on Google Play Store in 2018.
All pro options are now completely free including: hide app icon, automatic Dropbox and Google drive synchronization, shake to record and many more. You can also record voice files in MP3 audio format with 4 different quality levels. Application can be protected by pin code for your privacy.
Callrecording Features:
- Automatic Call Recording
- Record your calls automatically while calling
- Record incoming and Outgoing calls
- Records all your phone calls
- Play audio recorded conversations
- Send calls to email
- Set password to protect privacy
Share files:
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- Whatsapp
- Viber
- Skype
- Record incoming call
- Record Outgoing call
Auto Call Recorder pro for 2018 has been against all Samsung Galaxy Devices including Samsung Galaxy , LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia c3 c5 , HTC, Huawei, oppo mobile and jio 4g voice.
We have been working hard to protect your privacy. From now on you can hide app icon so no one knows that you have callbox installed on your device. Furthermore Automatic Dropbox and Google Drive options are available. Pin Code protection provides additional level of security to prevent unauthorized application access.
Recording filter enables you to record voice calls only from selected contacts, all calls or unknown numbers. With callbox you are always in control. We have also added advanced memory management so you don’t have to worry about occupied space.
Recording can also be started by shaking your device or by pushing the floating Record button. You can add call to your favorite folder or share it with your friends at any time.
More great features are coming soon.
If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could make our product better, feel free to contact us at
Thank you for using Auto Call Recorder Pro

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 12, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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