Ava - 24/7 Accessibility
Ava Accessibility - Oct 3, 2017


***Building up a 24/7 accessible world, one update at a time.***

Ava is the fastest and easiest way to understand and participate in conversations for deaf & hard-of-hearing people.

Didn’t get what the guy in front of you said? Ava uses your microphone to hear and shows you word by word what is said. Instant captions, in your pocket, always available.

Tell something super quickly: show in big letters what you meant, or ask Ava to voice it for you. The easiest 2-way communication with hearing people who don’t know sign language.

Don’t miss out in group conversations anymore. Share your unique "&AvaID" link with others so they can join your conversation on their Ava app. At lunch, in meetings or hanging out with friends, Ava shows you who says what, in real time, and in colors.

Connect quickly one or multiple friends, next to you or anywhere in the world. It takes one tap to connect you all.

Join the other Ava Pioneers exploring every day new ways to use Ava to make the world more accessible. Ava 1.0 is just the first step towards a 24/7 accessible world. Visit www.ava.me/life for more details on how other Pioneers use Ava.

Experience the first artificial intelligence designed to empower deaf & hard-of-hearing people. Anyone can tap on words that Ava got wrong to teach her. Ava gets smarter at understanding you & your peers’ voice.

Benefit from the different optimizations we’ve done: Ava will not use more battery than streaming audio when listening to transcribe, or using other reading app when you follow the conversation.

***Find all of the latest Ava news on our Twitter account @avascribe or our Facebook page: facebook.com/avadotme***

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 3, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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