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Avoid The White..

Avoid The White..

Cappa Games - August 06,2014

Action Games

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V4 Update
-Added Leaderboards and Achievements. Now you can see how you do against the rest of the world! Try and get all the achievements!
V3 Update
-Updated the art. Gave the menu screen a cleaner look.
V2 Update
-Added Birdy Flap Mode! Survive for as long as you can!
Tap your fingers as quickly as possible, but don't step on the white tiles. Try to get the fastest time! My score is 380, try to get a lower number.
Birdy Flap Mode: Tap the black tiles as fast as you can to keep your Birdy from slowing down and hitting the spikes. Don't step on the white tile or your Birdy will be pushed backwards. I managed to get a score of 111, can you get a higher number?
-Play the game in landscape mode for a better grip and quicker gameplay, instead of portrait mode found in other "Don't Step the White Tile" games.

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Additional information

  • UpdatedAugust 06,2014
  • Size9.72MB
  • Downloads18
  • Current Version1.0.3
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher