Baby Panda: Magical Opposites - Forest Adventure
BabyBus Kids Games - Feb 13, 2018


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Wanna go on an forest adventure? Join Baby Panda Miumiu in “Baby Panda: Magical Opposites - Forest Adventure“ ! Baby Panda Miumiu is starting her forest adventure. During this interesting comparison trip, panda Miumiu will be confronted with many troubles and difficulties. SHE NEEDS YOU to help her! Make full use of all the opposites, antonym and synonyms you know, you’ll find surprise and be able to overcome troubles with Panda Miumiu!

“Baby Panda: Magical Opposites - Forest Adventure“ is an educational adventure game that is containing basic opposites, antonym and synonyms for kids. From heavy and light to wet and dry, opposites are full of fun in this magical adventure. Since three-year-old is a key point for kids to develop language ability and the abstract thinking ability, “Baby Panda: Magical Opposites - Forest Adventure“ is applied to promote the development of kids’ vocabulary, language ability, imagination and the abstract thinking ability!

Descriptions of “Baby Panda: Magical Opposites - Forest Adventure“:
1.Follow the treasure map to explore! When you are trapped, don’t be afraid! Opposites, antonyms can help you solve the problem!
2.Read opposites loudly with baby panda Miumiu, magic will appear!Standard pronunciation of opposites will help kids to broaden vocabulary!
3.Think and try magic opposites! You’ll get sticker bonus when you get through challenges!

Features: 15 Common Opposites, Antonym and Synonyms for Kids!
1.Big and Small
2.High and Low
3.Dry and Wet
4.Thick and Thin
5.Float and Sink
6.Long and Short
7.Bright and Dark,
8.And more!
15 Common Opposites, 15 Funny Challenges! Why not have a try?

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 13, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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