Baby Panda's Farm - Kids' farmville
BabyBus Kids Games - Dec 26, 2017


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Welcome to Baby Panda’s Farm! In this farming game, you can learn something about farming, such as raising cute farm animals, planting vegetables and fruits and producing various farm products for selling. Start building your dream farm now!

* Plant crops like wheat, corn, tomato and more in the farm!
* Care for and feed adorable farm animals-hens, sheep and cow.
* Harvest your farm and fill your barn with farm products, such as eggs, milk and wool.
* Decorate your farmhouse with scarecrow, fences and more!
*Sell your farm products and upgrade your farmville.

Having fun in your dream farm:
* Plant the seeds and water them to grow in the farm.
* Don’t forget to keep the birds away from your crops.
*Be a good farmer and milk cows in the lair.
*Playing music for the hens and help them lay eggs.
*Shear your cute sheep and turn wool into sweaters.
* Use organic fertilizer to help your fruits grow.
*Enjoy beautifying your farm with cutest ornaments. Earn as much money as possible in market to unlock ornaments in your farm.

*The best real-life farming experience for toddlers.
*Let your kids learn about a variety of farm animals,vegetables and farm products.
* The perfect farm game for kids and easy to play.
*Beautiful graphics, easy customization of your farm.

There is always something to do at the farm! Now in this farm house, you can easily find new things to do and explore even more of the farm!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 26, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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