Baby Run The Babysitter Escape
Kaufcom Games Apps Widgets - Mar 31, 2017


Run, dodge, jump, and slide into an incredible baby adventure.
Babsy is a lively little baby that wants to discover the world and she cannot stand being controlled by her babysitter. Therefore she decides to flee from her prison in order to live an astonishing exploring adventure of her city. In Baby Run The Babysitter Escape your task will be, to not let the baby be caught from the worried nanny.
Rush through crowded cities, small villages, subway tunnel, over big bridges and gather all the coins you can.
While running, avoid hitting trucks, cars, buses or any other object that could either slow you down or stop you. Collect all the fun power ups to get further and to give the tireless babysitter the slip.
Forget the subway stations, temple and jungles - the world run of Baby Run the Babysitter Escape await you!

How to play this funny game:
- Drag/swipe to jump or slide/sub and to move left or right
- The power ups are activated automatically when you get them
- Buy new characters and upgrade power ups with the collected coins and gold bullions
- Try to dash so fast that you can smash the sonic wall ;-)

Features of Baby Run The Babysitter Escape
- 9 Lovely Babies to choose like, builder, boy scouts, sporty, etc.
- 3 Special babies conquer by collecting teddy bears
- 2 run play mode: levels and infinite
- Cartoon like environment
- Amazing power-ups: coin magnet, rocket, super go kart, jetpack etc.
- Trucks, cars and buses to avoid!
- Lots of obstacles to dodge or sub
- Dancing Girl and Tommy the thief
- Cool music
- Top Game - Free Game - One of the Best Games - Funny Games - Crazy Game

Special power- ups
- The rocket will make you fly at top speed over the obstacles and give you the opportunity to collect a lot of coins.
- The Go kart will makes you faster which will require all of your dodging abilities to not crush against something. If you hit something with the kart you will only lose the vehicle but still keep running.

Baby Run The Babysitter Escape is one of the best free 3D running games! If you love running games or baby games then you will love the free and cool Baby Run The Babysitter Escape game. Try it out and download Baby Run The Babysitter Escape now!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 31, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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