Baby Sally Newborn Brother
bxapps Studio - Jan 4, 2017


Hi, if you're here then you're ready for fun with us. Do you want to have a beautiful day? If you want to have fun you can do so through this game with babies. If you do not have brothers we are sure that you want to have someone to love and someone that can play with you and in this game we will help you to know the little Sally and her little brother. Do you want to help Sally there to meet her brother? If you want to help us you can do so through this game for kids. We're sure you'll enjoy a lot to prove to everyone that you are a responsible child.
You'll be able to play the role of a very good doctor.
To be able to help our friend to play with her brother you will have to pay attention to all the details of this game for girls.
Follow all instructions of the game.
Good luck!
- Ryan was born recently and Sally wants to play with him;
- You'll have to help them;
- At the beginning of the game Sally wants to play with her brother in the pool;
- Be very careful;
- You have to dress them with the bathing suit;
- We need to help Sally because she does not know how to swim;
- You have to dress her with a special vest;
- After playing in the water you must help her to dress a beautiful dress;
- Now you have to take care of Ryan;
- The child must not sit outside because the sun is much stronger;
- You have to change the diaper;
- Apply a baby powder;
- Choose beautiful clothes;
- Children are happy, you are a good friend.
Thank you the for help, please come back daily to help us through this game.
Have fun!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 4, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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