Band Game: Piano, Guitar, Drum
Half Peak Studios - Oct 11, 2017


Band Game is features an array of instruments to create songs with! It features 3 different band set ups which were all recorded professionally giving a realistic music sound. You can play the drums with different beats and then add your own piano or guitar melody on top, before throwing in bass guitar too.

Band Game Features:

> Rock Band mode:
-- Real Electric Guitar
-- Grand Piano
-- Volume Bass Guitar
-- Full Drum Kit

> Electronic Band mode:
-- Synthesizer Keyboard lead
-- Synthesizer Keyboard rhythm
-- Bass Pad Machine
-- Drum machine

> Acoustic Band mode:
-- Lead Nylon Acoustic Guitar
-- Rhythm Nylon Acoustic Guitar
-- Bass Guitar
-- Soft Stick Drum Kit

> Quad row layouts with easy to use interface
> Real recorded sounds creating great sounding music.
> Reset and Mute function
> Beautiful graphics throughout
> Fast Launch and load time

Tap an instrument sound box to start playing it, while selecting and deselecting others to create your own music - your own songs!
Be the Band!
Be the Music Master!

This app features a 3rd party system that supports the development and maintenance of the app. See the links for full information.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 11, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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