Banglalink Islamic Portal
E. B. Solutions Pte. Ltd. - Jul 21, 2017


Banglalink Islamic App is an Islamic knowledge and information based application for android devices. This application has a wide array of features and contents, mostly in audio format, allowing users to either listen online or add to queue for later, offline listening.
This can be a worthwhile companion for anyone in the Muslim community looking for authentic, helpful information regarding regular religious practices or for those with a genuine interest in the modern, scholarly discussions/lectures on the philosophy of Islam.

Free Features For Everyone
• Prayer/Iftar/Sahri Timetable – The app offers accurate, updated daily prayer schedule and Iftar/Sahri timing during Ramadan (according to the local time of Dhaka, Bangladesh)
• The Qibla Compass – There is a compass inside the application that shows direction to the Qibla. However, the Qibla compass requires built-in magnetic sensors in your andorid device and depends on your phone’s performance for the accuracy of its readings/headings.

Premium Features For Banglalink Users
(Banglalink Data service is required to access these features)
• From the Quran – Recitations of Duah, Surah, Qull and Darood Sharif from the Holy Quran, along with the Shaan-E-Nazool (significance) narrated by prominent scholars
• From the Hadith – Collection of Sahih Hadith from Imam Bukhari and few other authentic sources
• Scholar’s Lectures – Lectures of prominent, modern Muslim scholars and Waaz mahfil speeches on various practical and philosophical aspects of Islam and Islamic lifestyle.
• Islamic Songs – Hamd, Naat and various other Islamic songs
• And even more ... Islamic wallpapers to stylize your device and Islamic stories for enthusiastic reading.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 21, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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