Bank Cash Transit Security Van:Money Truck Robbery
Wacky Studios -Parking, Racing & Talking 3D Games - Feb 22, 2018


Experience the thrill of working as a Cash Transport Security Van driver and face dangers transporting money, gold bars and jewels. Play Bank Cash Transit Security Van:Money Truck Robbery and start working as a police security officer driving cash van and transfer money to US bank & ATM machine. Drive an armoured cash-in-transit van and deliver banknotes, coins and gold from one location to another in NY city. The locations include cash centers, US bank branches and ATM points. There is a constant danger of criminals attacking the cash transit security van with the intention of bank robbery and highway getaway. Don’t let the criminals and robbers steal bank cash from cyber security van in bank manager simulator game.

Time is the key! Drive cash van with precision through NY city traffic rush to reach destination on time and beware of the attacking criminals. Your job involves to collect cash, gold bars from the central bank and transfer them to different branches throughout the big city. You need to take up van driving simulator challenge to deliver cash money to all the banks in mad city. Deliver money and credit card to branches of US bank and ATM machines. You have to reach on time because bank manager have to perform all cash register activities of customers. Transport gold bars and valuable items to the vault of central bank as a cyber security agent. In case of an attack drive armoured truck at top speed and rush through highway roads to evade bank robbery gangsters. The police crime patrol will chase the bank robbers when they attack the cash in transit van. The SWAT police is for the backup in case of a cash bank robbery.

This is not a city bank manager & cashier game . It’s all about bank cash security and you are a cyber security agent who is assigned to an US bank for high priority ATMs and cyber attacks security. This armoured security van is equipped with weapons ready for combat. Just like crime police van this cash transport truck is bulletproof and can take on heavy fire. Drive cash transit van fast and smash out the attacking criminal car in this gangster crime simulator game. Defend the cash van with advanced weapon attached at the back and destroy gangster car in hot pursuit. Don’t let the robbers escape after bank heist until the police crime patrol arrives at crime scene in NY city. Armed robbers will attack the cash transport van with modern weapons and try to getaway with money truck after bank heist. Using your security van driving skills and combat training you have to fight with mad city gangster.

Being part of the crime police force take courage as you have to face challenges while driving bank cash van. The bank robbery gangsters have made a perfect plan to attack the cash-in-transit van and escape with money. The police crime patrol is after the mad city gangsters. Help the swat team and don’t let them run with bank cash. The most thrilling and exciting money truck driving experience. The police swat team with you is well trained and equipped with modern weapons like guns rifles and smg. So you do not need to worry while transporting money in cash transport truck.

Bank Cash Transit Security Van:Money Truck Robbery Game Feature:
10 intriguing cash-in-transit van and money transport levels to complete
High tech bank cash van and armored money truck to drive ahead
Explore open world mad city environment to explore
Intuitive controls for smooth cash truck driving & parking
Immersive 3D graphics and amazing sounds

Download Bank Cash Transit Security Van:Money Truck Robbery now for FREE! Play as bank security agent to complete the impossible missions.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 22, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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