Battery Saver
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Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that helps extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.
Professional, easy to use, Battery Saver keeps your Android phone going longer, provides you with detailed battery information, and uses our unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about your phone battery again!

Features and Benefits of Battery Saver:
- Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!
- Save Power Shortcut which kills tasks with one tap!
- Kill apps when screen is off!
- Accurate battery remaining time!
- Accurate charging time remaining!
- Schedule power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more!
- Unique 3 Stage Charging System!
- Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!
- Brightness control!
- Battery temperature!
- Smart charging tips!
- Simple easy-to-use interface!

★ Defend your Juice!
Find out what’s draining your phone power. Adjust power-consumption settings (e.g. brightness) and disable unnecessary apps that run down phone battery. Battery saver app helps you scan all services that are consuming phone battery including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, High screen brightness, Screen timeout, NFC, Auto Sync etc.

★ Smart Pre-set Modes
Customize a mode that fits your energy usage;

★ Accurately Estimate Remaining Battery Time
Discover how long phone battery will last under a variety of situations (playing games, Wi-Fi on or off, etc)

★ Smart Charging
Regulate the manner in which your device is charged with a unique 3 Stage Charging System to ensure you get the most out of your battery, and ensure you don’t overcharge.

★ Detect Power Leakages
Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps. Monitor all running-apps' power consumption and list you the detail to app manager, Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage;

★ One-Click Optimization & Battery Saver
Battery Saver app helps you close all services consuming battery on one screen. Or you can select the services you wish to close by your choice. It further contains battery health diagnostics to further checks battery health and finds battery health status is good, bad, cold, hot, high voltage etc.

★ Instantly find and fix battery power consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to fine-tune your energy savings;

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 11, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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