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Battle of Color..

Battle of Color..

Flying Hammer - May 15,2014

Puzzles Games

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NOTE: The recent freezing issues have been fixed. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Battle of Colors is an addictive mix of strategy and planning.
Take turns with the AI-controlled opponent and try to capture as many of the coloured fields as possible. Pick wisely to increase the size of your territory and gain the advantage.
Never blame it on bad luck, block of key spots or rush through the map to outsmart your enemy and win !
* multiple difficulty levels (with a truly Hard option)
* 3 different map sizes
* 6 different map types with blockades and a twist
* a random level generator !
* automatic save of your progress
* automatic speed up of game, when one player is out of moves
Developpers note (8-07-2010): we are currently working on new features like improved AI, new maps, "hot seats" multiplayer, cleaner UI, better support for small sreens phones and achievments. We also consider adding online multiplayer. Thanks for your feedback in comments!
Keywords: battle of colors, battle, colors, coloroid, strategy, puzzle, ai, random, difficult

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  • UpdatedMay 15,2014
  • Size372.71KB
  • Downloads849
  • Current Version1.1.3
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher