Best Music Player 2018
Best Music Player 2018 - Feb 12, 2018


The best music player 2018 with high audio quality is here!
Featuring a powerful equalizer that is based on the solid VLC foundation and support for thousands of themes, this is the top music player experience!

The 2018 music experience is here! Get this perfect audio and media player today and enjoy the best music player experience with the least amount of ads of any other top music player out there. We value you, as a customer, greatly and we want you to have the best audio player experience there is, and that is why we introduced the Loyalty Program - the more you use our music player to listen to your favorite offline music, the less ads you will see.

Note that this app is an audio player with high sound quality for offline listening that allows you to play local music, this is not a music downloader!

A music player with VLC equalizer, bass boost, headset support and thousands of player skins, FairPlayer is a light yet powerful audio player that is ready for any gym workout routine.
This music player supports most common music formats including mp3 and wav etc.

This free 2018 music player has everything you need to organize and enjoy your favorite songs. Sort your audio tracks by genre, album and artist in the library, search for top music on your device with the internal file browser or open any song with FairPlayer from your favorite file manager. VLC is at the base of our music processing technology, so expect the very best!

Group songs in playlists. We automatically add the songs you enjoy most in the "favorites" playlist.

Listen to music offline and online for free and enjoy the best sound ever! Fine-tune your audio experience with one of the best equalizers on the market.

Make it your own. Enjoy your music more with thousands of themes that match your mood.
Set yourself apart with free animated themes.

Get FairPlayer music player 2018 and you will enjoy:

- the most customizable top music player
- support for all common audio formats including mp3, wav, flac, aac etc.
- a powerful equalizer with lots of presets, built on top of the open-source VLC project
- bass booster
- access to the best hand-crafted skins on the market
- access to unique, animated skins
- 2 themeable widgets
- status bar control

Why settle for less when you can enjoy everything a free music player has to offer plus access to the best high quality animated themes?

This is not a trial version for 2018! You get full access to all the current features and future updates to your top music player for free.

Enjoy the best audio player for Android with best equalizer - derived from the VLC music player technology - and heavy bass.

Play more!

In order to deliver the best possible audio quality, we use the VLC audio engine;

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 12, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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