Best SMS Ringtones
My Ringtones and Sounds - Dec 16, 2017


♫ “Funny SMS ringtones” for Android™ phones and tablets completely FREE!
♫ High quality SMS sounds, notification ringtones and alarm tones for your device!
♫ This HQ “ringtone app” includes 20 “sound effects”; first 15 tunes will be given to you immediately, the rest of the “free ringtones” will be unlocked over the next five days!
♫ “SMS tones”, ringtones and notifications, free sound effects, SMS notification alerts and much more!
♫ Easy tap controls and colorful interface!
♫ Tap once to listen to the sound and press the settings button to set it!
♫ Set as a default ringtone, contact tone, SMS notification or alarm clock sound!
♫ This is the full version – no additional charges!
♫ Compatible with all new phones and OS!
♫ “Best SMS Ringtones” are the “funniest ringtones free”, that you must have!
♫ Visit our channel to find more fabulous ringtones for your Android™ phones and tablets!

♫ Best SMS Ringtones are a collection of “funny ringtones” for SMS alerts and notifications! Choose from a variety of high quality “SMS sounds notifications” and personalize your notifications and incoming SMS alerts with the best free ringtones Android™ app on the market! Best SMS sounds for free are available for you – have fun every time you get a phone call or a text message and laugh out loud! If you have been looking for awesome ringtones for text messages, you are in luck! The coolest notification alerts are at your disposal – choose a simple beep tone for the incoming text message, or an alien transmission for your alarm tone and be the most popular person among your friends when your phone starts ringing! One of the best free ringtone apps with funny sounds can make your phone loud, hilarious and irresistible, all at the same time! Don't hesitate to be the first one who will download Best SMS Ringtones completely free today!

♫ You don't have to search for “ringtone for text messages and notifications” online - this “free sms” app has everything that you need to customize your music gallery and change all the default sounds!

♫ Download Best SMS Ringtones and laugh out loud each time you hear your new message melodies! “Free text message” tones and amazing notification sounds are a click away from you – just install these “funny ringtones free” and enjoy the best HQ tones on the market! Go send that SMS like a pro and wait for the response to hear your new “notification sounds and ringtones”! This is the best collection of “text message ringtones” and “cool sound effects” - download it now and find your favorite among these super SMS sounds! Car alarms, sirens, “notification sounds for text messages” and other cute and “cool notification sounds” can be yours if you hurry to the market and download Best SMS Ringtones! Boys and girls, get your new favorite mobile phone ringtones and have fun with cool funny noises and tunes! Take these text message tones as your daily dose of humor and enjoy each mp3 melody! If you have been searching for “songs for ringtones free”, download this collection of exceptional SMS melodies and breathe some life into your dull and default notification sounds!

The sounds that were used in this app are under Public Domain or Creative Commons license attribution 3.0:
Creative Commons

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 16, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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