Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K
TST Co., Ltd - Apr 16, 2018


Betta Fish Wallpaper is loved by many people, the Betta Fish photos very nice
One interesting thing about this life is that there are live wallpapers that inspire you to work, creation and learn. When you are tired or distracting. You just have to open up the phone to see the live wallpaper, Betta Fish wallpaper beautiful , you can not take your eyes off the screen. At this time the source of creative inspiration, abundant energy for the body to be reborn. Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K, not everyone else, it is considered to be one of the HOT animated wallpapers. Beautifully lively Betta Fish pictures, taken by us very carefully and designed to bring you the brightness of this life, The Betta Fish that very rare in the world and you're rarely seen, Now it's on your phone screen. it's interesting application of Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K right? Because it brings a new color to your Android phone
Note that the app is provided for free. In addition, the image representing the app does not fully describe the features of the app, so you need to try it yourself to "feel" all that we bring.
Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K was developed by TST Ltd. - one of the developers specializing in animated wallpapers. Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K has all 10 animated wallpapers. The background of Betta Fish is the combination of colors, the movement of different star. You will have great background images.
By default, the application has only a few colors and layouts; However, the excitement will come if you're useing, exploring. The app offers a lot of options to help you refresh your Android screen. The color palette set is also very sharp and looks beautiful, whether your Android device is smartphone or tablet. In addition, if you do not like fast-moving pictures as well as the vignettes due to too many colors, Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K also allows you to reduce the number and speed of rotation of the fallen Betta Fish.
User manual
Step 1: You need to download the Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K application here. This application will not be able to open immediately and you are safe to press Home after the download is complete.
Step 2: To open the application, depending on the machine will have different steps, but in short you will have to select the dynamic wallpaper. Your specific guide to Android is as follows:
For Use: HOME => Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => BettaFishWallpaper => Apply
Or click Shortcut Icon on home screen for launching App!
TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Betta Fish Wallpaper

Betta Fish Wallpaper has been tested and looks great on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
We will continue to upgrade the functionality of Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K. We hope you 5 star for the Betta Fish Wallpaper HD 4K.
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Thank you very much!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 16, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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