Bike Racing
Top Bike Race Car Games - Jun 19, 2014


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Citizens of the Gaming World, Go Dhoom game with Biking.
If you grew up liking Road Rash, you are going to love Bike Racing!
First time in the history of Android moto racing, there comes a extreme bike game that is the perfect answer to your need for speed on a bike. It’s as realistic as it gets combining the laws of Physics and the adrenaline rush that one gets when racing an actual bike on the highway.
# Tips & Tricks
- Try to take sharp turns
- Brake less
- Better your bike handling skill
- Block the direction of other bikes
# Game Features:
- 3D racing game with brilliant graphics
- Earn virtual cash rewards to unlock new tracks
- The prize money is virtual and not real money
- Bike racing on a famous Indiana Track
- Choose different race tracks
- Camera Control
- Take a road trip and highway drive along the way
Look out for the stunning, high fidelity graphics with an addictive bike racing game play that will have you swerving through sharp turns on incredible high speed race tracks. Did we mention the powerful, most awesome bike that’s yours to drive at your fastest best on the highway!
# How to Play
Playing the bike racing game is easy peasy compared to car racing. All you have to do is just tilt your phone to control the bike’s direction and tap the screen to brake.
# Bike Racing Mode
> Quick Race: Nothing beats the thrill of beating a couple of bad ass fellas and be the undisputed bike racing champ on the highway. It is right here that you get to compete with 4 other expert CPU players and show the world your speed racing skills.
3rd and 2nd places fetch you game money $500 and $1000 respectively. But if you rule the highway biker roost, you can walk away with a virtual sum of $2000. 4th and 5th places get you the tag of a L-O-S-E-R.
Remember in the Quick Race mode, bike racing has only ONE lap. So, act quickly and don’t be afraid to take sharp turns. That’s how you can be a road warrior.
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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 19, 2014
Android 2.3 or higher

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