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fineArt - Apr 4, 2018
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Want to get the background blur effect like DSLR Camera ? or want to highlight something special in a photo ? You got the solution.

Blur Background Photo Effect let you blur any selective parts of the photos to set Focus on another wanted part of photo. Blur image was never such easy before.

POP any part of photo or pop people in pictures to draw concentration to highlighted part.
Create focusing effect on your pic using Blur Background Photo Effect
Easily make the pic blur and focus on the family in a party picture
Teach your kids how to make the photo blur with this simplest app.

Blur Background Photo Effect is very easy to use:

1. Capture a picture directly from Camera or select a photo from Gallery, dropbox, Google drive etc.
2. Original photo is shown and you can blur wanted areas and use available tools to fine tune the blurred photo and Focus on wanted part of the photos.

Available Features
+ You can select a photo from your gallery, or capture it using camera, or take a photo with beauty plus apps
+ Zoom in or out the picture.
+ Rotate left or right original or blurred pictures
+ Increase or decrease blurring intensity
+ Increase or decrease brush size
+ Save enhanced picture to your gallery
+ Share on any social networking app like facebook, instagram, twitter, Google+, Line, Whatsapp, viber and all others.
+ Undo changes

Having good understanding of knowing where to Blur the photo can make you a super photographer.
Create awesome blur pictures by this tool.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 4, 2018
Android 3.1 or higher

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