Body Fitness Club: Gym Games
Gamers Pulse Inc. - Jun 5, 2018


Body Fitness Club: Gym Games

Become more muscular with best new gym simulator and make body like pro bodybuilder.
Want to become a world class body builder? Gamers Pulse Inc. brings you a world class gym simulator. Your dream to become Mister World and Mister Universe is coming to life.
This gym simulator gives you a character that is slim and struggling to become muscular. The goal of fitness simulator is to give you proper training and show you how bodybuilding and fitness works.
There are multiple missions featuring only bodybuilding and weightlifting. You will get each exercise practiced right in your android device. There are no bodybuilding training and fitness videos. You will get something far better than gym trainer and weightlifting.
You will start customizing your character. The whole gym plan is integrated in the gym workouts game. The first mission includes warm up workout routines. You will start with your gym buddy. The workout routine will vary from mission to mission.
The difficulty level of your body building game will be increased as you progress more in the game.
Body Fitness Gym Games: The game will give you a step wise workout routine for your gym training.
Weightlifting: You will try weightlifting sessions with your gym buddy. This will let you know what happens with different weights.
Muscular Body: The extreme training will show prominent effects on your fitness buddy’s physic.
Gym games for boys: The sports are very important for our daily life. If your body is in perfect shape, you can work more accurately and with your mind and body on same side.
Gym Machines:
There are multiple gym equipment in the gym. You will see dumbbells of different weights. You can perform multiple exercises in the gym.
Seated Calf
Leg Curl
Dip Chin Assist
Shoulder Press
Dumbbell Rack
Abs Trainer
Multiple Exercises:
You can train your biceps and triceps with arm and shoulder exercise. You can also do dips and chin ups in the game. Moreover, som

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 5, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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