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Boing-Boing Bra..

Boing-Boing Bra..

SPIKE CHUNSOFT - January 18,2013

Arcade Games

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New sex appeal system Boing-Boing balance game birth which moves a girl's waist round and round and continues turning a hoop!

Let's Move hips round and round in touch girl! !
Costumes and a little extreme, and such a lovely voice and keep spinning. . .
Get your reward for all images to study how the various turning! !

When you have a cellular phone different from the model which checked operation, please check it before purchasing whether this application operates correctly with your cellular phone.

The reason I started the diet in the hoop was playing well when I was small, I did it in love with him recently, we have come to the neighborhood. Although I named "Hoop diet!", I would bump into walls and furniture in the room and I, this diet regime, from a large family .... frown on. Then turn the wheel settlement neighborhood parks and floating, I went to play on the beach. I wonder if this is a perfectly skinny ...?

[How to Play]
①High scores and traced according to the speed of the hoop, the circle that appears when you touch the screen! !

②Stage right rotation and left rotation proceeds in turns! !

③Get a reward image by advanced stages and score will change! !

Content rating: High Maturity

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  • UpdatedJanuary 18,2013
  • Size21.4MB
  • Downloads15
  • Current Version1.0.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher