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LY BOOST - Sep 11, 2018
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Are you looking for a fans booster for musically pro ? Do you want to be a famous user ( Top Muser ) in the most entertaining social network ? Maybe getting featured by the well known artists will make your dream , but how will they notice you if you’re not a famouser too ? Don’t worry ! We just found what you’ve been looking for ! Please let us introduce to you the ultimate Musically Fans booster ! A free , legit , and well designed app that show you how to get as much as you want of followers , fans , and likes for your musically videos too ! Isn’t this the road to the famous lifestyle on ? You have to work hard to satisfy your fans if you really want to be a top muser . There’s any app that provides what’s called free musically followers , fans or likes . You don’t need any skills to do it . Grab a copy of our app if you really want to be famous and learn how to get thousands of followers and likes in the next few days .
The most important things every musically user want to get is the fame crown beside the username , having more than a million fan or follower , or even getting featured by the most famous musically videos makers ! You can use all these advantages to have a lot of fun with your friends , making them believe that earning millions of likes for musically editor , thousands of followers and fans in just a couple of days which is absolutely impossible unless you work hard and make contact with the best filters musically editor users who know how to make the most viral videos ! Please note that photo musical likes isn’t the main feature of our app , neither filters musical for followers . Enjoy !

--- METADATA ---
We don't Collect or provide any information on your android phone or your accounts, it is just an app to joke with your family and friends and have fun with them.

This is just a Simulator app ! it’s not an official app .
This app is not a real tool that boosts your account or gives any followers or likes . It is just a simulator to have fun with friends and family who use .

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Sep 11, 2018
Android 3.0 or higher

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