Bottle Shoot 3D
Alex Game Studio - Nov 3, 2017
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★★★ TOP 10 Action game in over 30 countries!
★★★ TOP 100 Action game in over 72 countries!
★★★ #1 Best Action Game in 10 countries!

★★★ More than 2,000,000 downloads in 10 days!! (keep increasing).

Bottle Shoot 3D is all about shooting as many bottles as you can in the fixed time duration.

Only if you can do both will you become a real Bottle Hunt Master! Every round gets harder on harder. You hear a shooting sound and blasting bottle sounds while playing. Starting levels are easy to play but gradually the game will become difficult to play. Improve your aiming skill with Bottle Shoot 3D Game and be a real Bottle Shoot Master!

Grab awesome Bottle shoot game Now !!!

★ How to play?
- Start Bottle Shoot 3D game.
- Aim at the Bottle, Shoot Bottles precisely.
- Move gun Left-Right with finger.
- Blast All within time.
- Shoot All in minimum time.
- Share your score with friends on Leaderboard.

★ Features:
- Smooth UI.
- Simple and Addictive Game play.
- Extended Shooting experience.
- Leader board Functionality added.
- Game for all ages.
- It is free, Play and Enjoy Bottle Shoot game.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 3, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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