Braces Camera Editor
Brandon Wozniak - Nov 10, 2017


Each tooth arrangement is different, some are good and some are not good
People who have poor teeth, tend to want to make a nice arrangement of their teeth
By installing braces then the teeth will be good
From time to time the model of braces always follows the times, from simple braces to braces
There are also braces that have a funny color, cute braces are perfect for the young at heart
Now with Braces Camera Editor app you can edit your favorite photos, by adding a braces sticker on your photo

KEY FEATURE Braces Camera Editor
★ Easy to use with a simple interface
★ More than 100++ braces stickers, Funny braces stickers, Gold braces stickers, Man braces stickers, Women braces stickers, Glamor braces stickers, Hipster braces stickers
★ Easily add text and change font, style to text
★ Amazing photo fx filter
★ Save your photos with Full HD quality
★ Share your photographer with friends through social networking

HOW TO USE Braces Photo Editor
★ Open the image from your gallery
★ Select your favorite photos
★ Add and select Sticker Braces
★ Drag to your picture
★ Resize and play with multitouch
★ Touch next to preview mode
★ Share your great Funny braces stickers photo to your friends
★ Or save to your device

Let's make a beautiful and beautiful Selfie with Braces Camera Editor!

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 10, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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