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UBM Games - Mar 20, 2017
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You are all alone on the scorching battlefield surrounded by enemies from all directions. You are the only soldier that is alive in this war for supremacy. prepare your arsenal with AK47, Machine Guns , grenades and other explosive weaponry, run toward the frontline battlefield that is scorched and destroyed by the flying jet fighter planes and air fighters. Commando you are all alone in this suicide mission, you have no back up squad or any tactical team at your disposal so, move carefully and take down all enemy bases along with their war arsenal and destructive weapons.

Opposition has heavy firepower and seasoned warfare experts on their side. They have state of the art artillery consisting of sniper rifles, M16s, air jet fighters and gunship helicopters for air strikes, behemoth panzer tanks and war machines for ground firepower, army trucks for transportation. You only have one gun and few grenades at your disposal. Keep an eye on everything and move silently. Beware of the special ground forces in the area, tear down the enemy camps and bases slowly and swiftly without getting noticed. Become the silent assassin and use whatever you get your hand on is it guns or tanks or any other machine which can help you win and end this warfare.

Ground troops are not your only concern you also have to be aware of the aerial attacks from the helicopter and fighter planes patrolling the area. Find the gunship gunners and ballistic tankers to neutralize all the aerial threats.


This TPS game (third per shooter) consist of different stages with different tactical tasks for you to complete. The beginning levels consisting of shooting and simulation in the enemy war zone. You have to take down the targets with guns and grenades. You can also take ammo from the targets by eliminating them. In the later levels you will have the opportunity to be a tank simulator in order to take down the army trucks and tanks. Use your ammo wisely as you are the lone survivor and the last standing commando of your battalion, the army backup forces are on their way but until army commandos and airforce jet pilots arrive to stand beside you in terrible war you are last man standing and the only hope to eliminate the commander general of the oblivion troops and capture the land to put an end to this deadly riots.

You will also get the flavor of fighter jet shooting with a gunner mounted on a torpedo chopper helicopter. There are also sharp shooter levels included so, become the silent assassin and eliminate all the targets.

You can experience the shooting by becoming a offline fps simulator using a sniper rifle. Become the ultimate modern shooter in the war extravaganza and enjoy yourself as the last standing commando.


- Shooting game with guns & people.
- All in one tank, jet fighter, truck & helicopter simulator
- First & third shooter person combined in one game.
- Offline FPS & TPS simulator
- 3d Flying jet fighter plane fighting along with helicopters and choppers.
- Realistic war zone environment
- Great collection of guns & gunship gunners in the artillery section.
- Different anti aircraft guns available.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 20, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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