Calculator Vault – Gallery Lock
Photo and Video Apps - Jul 20, 2017


Best Calculator Vault – Gallery Lock for privacy of your data and apps.

Calculator Vault is the easiest and safest way to secure your personal/Important Photo & Video data and protect your apps access and ensure that your friends can’t see the Photos/Videos browse through the Gallery. Prying eye may know which app lock or data hide app you are using and may remove/uninstall to break security so, we design this app as a simple calculator and icon also look like a calculator so no one can open your Gallery Vault without correct password.

Powerful and secure gallery app for free. Awesome user interface and easy to use and setup your Data and App privacy.

♚ Important Features
★Photos & Video Privacy: Best Photo and video privacy on Calculator Vault Gallery Lock app. Lock Photo/Video from your gallery. Data Hide become more easier with our Data locker. You can create folder inside the data locker

★App Lock: Its Secret App lock inside the Calculator. Super fast App lock with customized app lock theme background. Built app lock feature that you do not need to use other app locker apps. Lock App by App lock feature you can use Pattern Or Password that is set by you.

★WiFi - Bluetooth Lock: You can lock WiFi and Bluetooth to prevent unauthorized use of it from unsecured users.

★Finger Lock: You can use the finger to unlock your locked app by enabling finger unlock from setting .

★Face Down Lock: By enabling face down lock if you put your mobile on down screen then action will accord. Face down have a 3 options like 1) Open Other App, 2) Open Web URL, and 3) Close the Calculator Vault App locker.

★Uninstall Protection: By enabling this feature it prevents accidental uninstall of Calculator Vault – Galley Lock, Secure Gallery App.

★Night Mode: You can enable the app theme as a night mode.

★ Fack Cover: This will set Force close fack screen when locked apps will opened.

★Intruder Selfie: Awesome feature to capture the strange user tried to access your locked apps.

★Prevent Uninstall: By enabling this feature other users can’t uninstall any apps from your mobile without app lock password or pattern.

★Temporarily Disable App Lock: You can set the time to disable app lock temporarily to set the hours to disable your app lock protection.

★Re-Lock App: By setting this feature you can set one of this two options. Immediately and After Screen turns off

★Reduce Battery Usage: By enabling this feature the battery usage will 50% reduce by accessibility service.

★Stealth Mode: By enabling stealth mode pattern not visible to any one. It will increase your app security.

★App Lock Background: You can set different app locker backgrounds as you wish to set.

★ Share Photo/Video/Music: You can share your hidden data directly from the app locker to your friends or share on social media networks.

★NOTE: You Must Give permission of usage access when you open app lock.

1) How to set my Calculator password?

When you install Calculator app then first time it will ask you to set your calculator vault password.

2) How to set my app lock password at first time?

When you open app lock then i will ask you to set pattern lock first.

3) How to change password or pattern ?
Open App Locker – Secure Guard setting from option menu in home screen top right, then you can find the Change Password/Pattern as you have set the lock type.

4) Data are store online?
No all your data stored on internal storage.

5) Data can be recovered if app was removed ?
Not possible at this time, because we are not taking online backup of your data.

If you have any questions or suggestions.
Feel to free contact us on our mail id:

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 20, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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