Call History Manager - Caller ID
Internet Speed Meter Producer - Oct 2, 2018


Call History Manager keep your call history forever and list them category wise including incoming, outgoing and missed calls and manage contacts effectively in best possible way.

Optimized database for fast loading and organizing your Call Log.

List of Contacts, Favorites and Frequent Contacts.

Advance Features

Phone Story
In the phone story you can check the total time spend on calls and total user affected by calls. You can get the incoming and outgoing call time for individual number.

Most Contact You
Most contact you give result in 3 ways
1. Total number of incoming and outgoing call for individual number.
2. Total incoming and outgoing time for individual number.
2. Total incoming time for individual number.

CallHistory Report
Call History Report give you detailed report about all calls, it will show you total incoming, outgoing and missed call and also show total time spend on incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Block
You can block the call by just goto that number userprofile and from option menu block the number.

Import from sim
You can easily import contct from sim card.

Cleanup Duplicate Contact
Cleanup the duplicate contact in one touch.

Backup & Restore Contact
Easily backup and restore contact, you can create multiple backup of contact and afterward you can restore from one of them.

Other features
◆ Optimized database for fast loading and organizing your Call Log.
◆ Browse, Group, Filter and Search the history. Instantly!
◆ Fast, intuitive Dialer with T9 search and Speed Dial.
◆ List of Contacts, Favorites and Frequent Contacts.
◆ Meaningful statistics, per contact and per entire call history.
◆ Fast switch between Dialer, Call History, Contacts and Favorites.
◆ Auto-delete call logs
◆ Insert fake calls to Call History
◆ Beautifully designed UI

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 2, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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