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Automatic call recorder, best phone call recorder for android.
Call recorder let you record both incoming calls and outgoing calls automatically. Call recording has high quality sound.
Call recorder run on background and consumes low battery. Everytime you make a call or receive a call, this call recorder app will wake up then record a audio file.
After recording, you can see recording files by openning it, On this screen you can do many things:
- Listen to the recording
- Edit recording files with cut editor
- Send recording files to email to share it
- Mark a recording file as favourite to make it is not deleted when your storage is full.
- Search for a recording by name

Call recorder app has setting screen with many options to satisfy you:
- Turn on, Turn off. Turn on: calls will be recorded automatically, you have a auto call recorder after that. Turn off: while you in a call, nothing happens.
- Black list and white list. Black list: list numbers which you want to record while you in a call with them. White list: list numbers which you don't want to record while you in a call with them.
- Set password to open app. If you enable this option, you will protect your recording files.
- Enable or disable app icon on status bar while recording. If it is enabled, when call recorder app works there is small icon appears on status bar of your phone.
- Change location of storage. When you change this. Next time call recording file will be located on new path.

In summary, call recorder has following features:
- Record calls automatically both incoming calls and outgoing calls.
- Manage call records easily.
- Playback recordings with basic controls
- Support storing recordings on SD card.
- Marking recordings as favourite to avoid auto deletion because of full storage
- Support formats: mp3, wav
- Support white list, black list
- Set password to protect privacy
- Share files: Dropbox, Mail, SMS, Skype, FaceBooks

Please note that when your storage is full, all old recording files will be deleted automatically except files in favourite.
Please download call recorder then let me know how do you like call recorder app.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 9, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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